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Ecosystem Services

Types of Ecosystem Services


Benefits from regulation of ecosystem processes


Non-material benefits from ecosystems


Products from ecosystems

Carbon Retention

To estimate the amount of trees on provincial territory, we started from the “Hight Resolution Tree Cover Density 2018” satellite survey of the European Copernicus project. The information was then aggregated by surface-weighted averaging over a hexagonal cover (of radius 300 m) of the studied territory.

immagine satellitare
tree cover dencity
immagine vettorializzata
output esagoni

Carbon Tax and Price of CO2

CO2 is priced similarly to a stock on the stock exchange. Based on the ability of tree species to capture it, it is possible to estimate an economic value for the area under study

Economic value trees
in Rome’s municipalities – CO2


Trees also help to substantially reduce the pollution produced by our heating and cooling systems.

Building on this discussion, using the price of m^3 gas and kWh and cross-referencing it with the ability of each of the tree species considered to reduce pollution, we estimated an additional economic value for winter and one for summer.

Estimated cost of gas saved in winter

estimated cost of energy saved in summer

Cultural Ecosystem Services